The best way to prepare you and your business for the big pay day

The easiest way to sell your business

You think its like selling a house? it's not!

set your goals

Selling your business is all about you. Setting clear goals helps you to a successful exit and makes the best foundation for your exit plan. Decide on personal wishes, finances and time horizon

Analyze the gap

Explore the difference between your company's current situation compared to the desired goal.
From 100+ carefully selected questions you get a clear overview of which focus areas you need to work on before you exit.

Valuate your business

What is your business worth today?
Find out with the built-in Valuation Engine and get a clear understanding of where you are today and what price will be possible to achieve when you Exit.

Create your Exitplan

With a focus on protecting and maximizing the value of your business, you get a tailor made, easy-to-follow action plan, that guides you towards your transition goals and a succesful Exit.

The exitplanning framework

Selling one's business is, and will be, for many probably the biggest and most significant financial event in one's life.

The consequence of how well you handle the process, around the sale of your business, can be decisive for how you can subsequently live your life.

Start maximizing value and plan the sale of your business today and sell it at the right price and on the right terms.

The easiest way to plan your business Exit

Do you want to sell your business within 5 years?

With exitplanner your don't have to be an expert to make a great exit plan.

  • Personal goals and a lifetime calculation of your financial needs provide a target for the exit strategy
  • Exitplanner's AI will automatically create a tailored exit plan, optimized for you timeframe
  • Three assessments with over 150 questions leads to a comprehensive Gap Analysis
1:1 sparring with an expert

Let your Exit coach guide you to a successful sale

Get to know what you currently don't know about exit planning from your personal exit coach. Besides the exit coach, exitplanner provides your with e-learning, strategic templates and a network of includible expert business advisors that are ready to help you succeed.

Book a free 15 min. confidential conversation with a professional exit coach to help you get startet.

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Exit Strategy

What is exit planning?

The process of preparing a business owner to exit their company

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I learned about exit strategy the hard way - selling my first business was a way tougher process then it should have been. Still happy with the outcome though, but scared by the process. An exit strategy will make sure you don't get hurt.
Søren Østergaard Andersen
Co-Founder of Exitplanner
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