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Opinion of value and Gap Analysis

Get to know how ready your business is to be sold, what it's worth today, and what you should work on to make it more saleable and valuable

One-off report


One time fee
Gap Analysis
Answer 36 questions about your business and get a good understanding of your current saleability
Opinion of value
Too few business owners know the current ballpark value of their businesses. Getting an Opinion of Value from Exitplanner is free
Exit goal clarification
Calculate your exit goals. Setting goals for the exit is a vital part of the exit strategy
Feedback from a professional exit coach
1 hour meeting with an exit coach
Increase you success rate with a structured approach

Do you need to sell now or in a few years?

Exit platform

(Within two to three years)

Empower your business sale! Self-service offering: Access our platform, secure a successful sale and transition on your terms. Take control now!

Software as a Service
Monthly fee


/ month
Exit project management
Vendor Due-Diligence analysis that outlines how saleable and attractive the business is
Personal goal setting & exitplan
Access to templates & e-learning

Sell soon
Consulting services

(Within two to three years)

If you know you want to sell, but also know that your business is not saleable right now or you won't be able to get the sale price you need, then you need an exit plan and coach

Consulting retainer: 3 months min.
Monthly fee

Let's meet

/ month
Dedicated exit coach
Quarterly calculation of price estimate
Monthly 1:1 feedback & coaching sessions
Quarterly deep dive workshops
Access to professional advisor network

Sell now
Consulting Services

(Within a year)

If you know you want to sell and your business is saleable in your desired price range, then you need a fast-tracked exit plan and a deal manager to execute your sale

Consulting retainer: 12 months min.
Monthly fee

Let's meet

/ month
(50% of the total paid monthly fee will be discounted from the success fee upon the sale)
Success fee
Depends on the transaction size
% of the sale price
Dedicated deal manager & exit coach
Creation of buyer presentation & pitch
Exit team coordination (lawyer etc.)
List company on relevant marketplaces
Source potential buyers leads
Buyer screening
Ready data room for due-diligence
Negotiation and deal closing
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We help business owners prepare the sale and exit their business. Contact us for a confidential and informal conversation about your situation.


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