Exit planning platform for advisors

Help your clients succeed with their exit

  • Drive more service revenue by offering world-class exit coaching to your clients
  • Easy to use platform with best-practice tasks, templates and e-learning
  • Leverage the collaborative data room and auto-generated exit plan to save time servicing clients

Expand your business

Bring more clients to your practice or bring new services to your existing clients to do more business planning work.

Elevate your client relationships

Become a trusted advisor and retain your client by having a high relevance and a deep relationship that's unlikely to be replaced.

Execute with ease

Best-practice templates makes it easy to execute and implement the exit plan with your client virtual or on face to face meetings

Build a sales ready pipeline

Bring more business to your business with high quality easy to manage exit planning services

Exit planning is one of the fastest growing professional services categories in the US

Become a trusted
exit planning advisor

Exitplanner provides an easy, accessible exit planning tool for you and your clients.

Become a part of our Advisor Network and gain access to a wide range of benefits, including an established process that differentiates you from your competitors, lets you manage your clients exit plans, and helps your clients achieve their exit objectives.

Exit Planning for Accountants

The perfect catalyst for budget conversations

Exit planning requires financial analysis, valuation, tax planning, and counseling regarding the best way to promote business value and structure the business exit.
With exit planning you get a more holistic conversation with your clients and become their trusted advisor along the process of selling thier business.

Elevate Your Client Relationships

Turn meetings with your clients into strategic sparring sessions where your participate in the value optimization of your clients business.

Become Essential to your clients Advisory Team

Financial acumen is pivotal to executing a successful exit plan and is therefore a genuine reason to expand the client relationship.

Add New Valuable products to your service catalog

Expand your services portfolio with packages relevant for those of your clients that are considering exiting their business. 

Stand out from your competitors

Stand out from your competitors and retain your customer base by providing exit planning advisory services as part of your client engagement.

Exit Planning for Business Brokers

Turn your leads into sales ready companies and successful exits

Exitplanner is the easiest way to make a good exit plan and ensure that a none sales ready business becomes sellable.
Use the assessments to analyze incoming leads and provide them with the best possible plan for an engagement with you.

  • Work with non-ready companies on their exit plan and maintain a relationship that result in selling the company when the time is right

  • Build and maintain a sales ready pipeline and secure a steady inflow of new deals

  • Increase the probability of a sale and the average selling price on closing

  • Execute more deals with a steady inventory of attractive businesses ready to get sold

Exit Planning for Board members

Make Exit the north star for the board

M&A might have been driven by a CEO or CFO in the past, but today it is essential that board members provide input on exit planning and whether an acquisition is in the best interests of the company and its shareholders.

Set clear Exit goals

Exitplanner is the easiest way to ensure an optimal prioritization of initiatives and tasks related to preparing to exit.

Execute with ease

Best-practice templates makes it easy to execute and implement tasks in the exit plan with a high degree of quality and trust.

Increase valuation and success

Execute a value optimized exit plan and make the business more attractive to a future buyer.

Bring experts onboard

Exitplanner's curated network of subject matter experts are ready to assist with sparring and task execution.

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