Set your goals

Selling your business is all about you. Setting clear goals helps You to a successful exit and makes the best foundation for your exit plan. Decide on personal wishes, finances and time horizon


Analyze the gaps

Understand your company. With more than 100 carefully selected questions, you get a clear overview of which focus areas you need to work on before your exit.


Get a valuation

What is your business worth today? Find out with the build in Valuation Engine and get a clear understanding of where you are today and what price it will be possible to achieve when you exit.


Create your exit plan

With a focus on protecting and maximizing the value of your business, You get a tailor made, easy-to-follow action plan, that guide you towards your transition goals and a successful exit.

The best way to prepare you and your business for an exit

Why business owners should start their exit planning today

Ideally, you need to start planning five years before your desired exit. Your final 60 months will make or break your exit success.

Exit planning is about improving your business in fundamental ways, such that its value increases substantially.

If you have ever thought about leaving your business but don't know where and how to begin, your have reached the right place.

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Selling your business is all about you

1. Goal Setting

When business owners first decide to exit their business they are so emotionally connected with, they start to think of all the things they must do immediately. Starting with setting clear, realistic, ambitious, and attainable goals helps the owners planning a graceful exit.

Goal setting Assesment

Clarify what is important to you regarding the sale of your business, in terms of finances, time horizon and personal goals.

Align Exit Goals

Review how well your exit plan aligns with your business strategy and partners and pay close attention to timing and exit opportunities.

Financial Needs

No matter if you plan to retire or start a new venture, our algorithm will calculate how much you need to sell your company for, in order to support the lifestyle you desire.

Calculate Your Sell Zone

Get a clear visual overview of your current state and when you should sell your business to achieve the maximum selling price.

Explore the gaps that have the biggest impact on your valuation

2. Gap Analysis

The gap analysis sheds light on the company's current situation, compared to where you want to be at the exit. It defines how strategic and tactical goals are anchored in the company and forms the basis for which areas to focus on. With a clear overview of personal and business gaps, you will have a better understanding of how much time, capital and business development it will require to move your business from where it is today to where you want and need it to be at your exit.

  • Easy to folllow, step by step proces

  • Assessment questionnaire based on best-practice M&A due-diligences

  • 100+ carefully selected questions to get a full overview

  • Visual report with clear focus areas

Screenshot of the Gap Analysis page in Exitplanner
Screenshot of Valuation page in Exitplanner
What is your business worth today?

3. Business Valuation

Exitplanner's built-in valuation engine analyses your financial data and provides a valuation and future forecast for your company. Getting a business valuation is the first step in making a good exit plan.

Instant Valuation

Is has never been easier to get an opinion of value of your business. Get your free opinion of value today.

Track & Benchmark

Using public data you can track and benchmark your valuation up against your closest competitors.

Forecast Future Valuation

Continuously forecast your current and future valuation to make sure you time your exit for the maximum selling price.

Easy Validation

Connect your accounting system or invite your bookkeeper or accountant to adjust and validate your budget numbers.

Prioritize tasks that have the biggest impact on your valuation

4. Your Tailored Exit Plan

The tailored exit plan makes it easy to follow and complete prioritized tasks that have the biggest impact on business valuation. Our algorithms automatically create the exit plan based on your gap analysis and other information about your business.

  • Categorized and prioritized tasks you can easily access and perform. 

  • Best-practice templates make it easy to execute and implement.

  • Keep on track and stay motivated.

  • Build value and prepare youself and your business for an exit.

Screenshot of tasks overview in Exitplanner
I learned about exit strategy the hard way - selling my first business was a way tougher process then it should have been. Still happy with the outcome though, but scared by the process. An exit strategy will make sure you don't get hurt.
Søren Østergaard Andersen
Co-Founder of Exitplanner
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